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Mining in Italy

Vedra Metals is a joint venture between Altamin and Appian Capital Advisory. Vedra Metals is a mineral company focussed on base and battery metal exploration and brownfield mine development in Italy.

The Company’s Gorno Zinc Project in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, is an advanced, historic mine with well-defined mineralisation. The Gorno Project benefits from strong local support, excellent metallurgy and established infrastructure. Up until 1980, the Gorno underground zinc was owned by SAMIM (a state-owned company and part of ENI) and then the unilateral decision was made to close all SAMIM-owned metal mining in Italy to focus solely on oil and gas, despite there being defined mineral reserves remaining.


Collaboration with universities






University of Turin

  • “Gorno mining district (Southern Alps): ore mineral precipitation and multiphase diagenetic evolution.”


The main goal of the work is to constrain the ore-forming conditions in the Gorno district and to characterize the metal zonation in the ore-deposits.  Dr. Michele Andrea Giorno – PhD



University of Naples


  • “Gorno: New approaches to the exploration and evaluation of Zn-Pb sulphide and non-sulphide ores”

Using direct observations (Underground outcrops and drillcore) and indirect analysis (geochemical database) elaborate a 3D model of oxidized bodies in order to determine the spatial distribution of non sulphides mineralisation.

BSc Dr. Silvia Gioiello – Master Degree thesis

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Politecnico of Turin

Gabriele Baldassare – Master Degree ThesIs




University of Naples


Article: Mineralium Deposita (2020) – Mondillo et Al


University of Turin


The thesis work consisted in the geological-structural survey
of the Val Vedra area of the Gorno mining district, both on

surface and underground.

This was followed by the interpretation of the data in order to study the structures associated with the alpine and prealpine deformation of the Triassic successions and the ore bodies associated with them.

Giulia Domenighini – Master degree thesis

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